Investment-Winning Business Plans

Over 63% of startups fail in their first year of business, a figure that decreases to just 37% when armed with a business plan. This is one of the very reasons behind our own goal to help as many businesses as we can through their first years by empowering them with the tools and strategies critical to securing investment and maximising growth.

We fully understand running a business takes up lots of time and energy, not to mention all the research and industry scoping that needs to be done before even launching a startup or considering your first round of funding. Working closely with and establishing a deep understanding of our client’s business model is a priority, to ensure goals are understood, ensure an efficient workflow and make sure an accurate and presentable business plan is produced – to the highest quality.

With over 50 years collective experience in business planning and over £120M raised in investment for clients, BPlan4U has access to in-depth strategies for ‘selling’ a business, as well as a wealth of experience in marketing, finance, cryptocurrency and web/graphic design, ensuring your business’s assets are presented in their best light.

Get investor ready

We help you define your elevator pitch, executive summary, design your brand and develop winning pitchdeck and whitepaper.

Your financial future

Just hand us your existing spreadsheets and let us build you a P&L balance sheet, create 3 Year Projections, and an Investor Shareholder Table.

Compliance matters

We provide customised legal contracts, from IP registration to Investor Agreements, Employment to Reseller Contracts.

a business plan for growth

A BPlan4U business plan is more than the sum of its parts; the executive overview, financial projections and marketing strategy all need to be carefully crafted – but our business plans serve as a real-world roadmap and best practices guidebook that can be referred to as a source of information and strategy in order to maximise growth and increase profitability in any scenario a business might find itself in.

A survey by Gartner showed that just having a business plan more than doubles your chances of financial success. Out of the 2,500+ businesses surveyed, almost 1000 had completed a plan and a staggering 64% of them had positively grown their business as a result.

​Needless to say, a well structured business plan could be the difference between a business’s failure and success.

Our clients are frequently surprised by how much value a business plan can add to their organisation, empowering decision makers and attracting investors/partners

Business Plans for Startups, SMEs and companies looking to grow or IPO

Bespoke Business Planning Services

Having worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes from every corner of the globe  – we are very confident in our ability to provide market leading business planning services to our clients, regardless of industry or what stage the business is in.

A Wealth of Experience

We’re drawing on over 100 years of collective experience in Design, Marketing, PR and Finance. This allows us not only to create world class pitch materials for your business, but also to suggest new strategies for reducing cost and increasing profitability.

Templates, Legals and Financials

We have ensured that everything you could possibly need to pitch your vision is in one place – including legal partner agreements, contracts of supply and a complete financial model with reporting.

A Professional Pitch Deck

Don’t pitch to your future investor, partner or reseller unprepared. We will work with you to create a glowing pitch deck will paint your business proposition in it’s best light, every time.

Training and Preperation Materials

We have put together a fantastic resource;  featuring tutorials and white papers on everything from how to deliver a successful investor presentation to how to predict marketing results before spending a penny.
Ask about our IncubatorUK programme for more information.

Personalised Mentorship

We’re committed to our work, with every client being given the necessary time and room they need to describe their business’ needs. The BPlan4U team then work to fulfil those needs, keeping communication open and remaining responsive to client goals.


Comprehensive & efficient

By utilising a combined wealth of experiences, we can ensure your business plan is bulletproof from every angle. No stone left unturned and nothing left to chance.

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No two business are identical, each having their own requirements and eccentricities. Business plans are the same. Investors don’t waste time with template ‘cookie-cutter’ plans.

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Bespoke, strategic approach

Our focus is on your business’s desired outcome. Your plan should be tailored to the audience – Bank loan? Angel/VC? Government Grant? ICO? Achieve more with BPlan4U.

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Expert Business Plans